The Farm

Cellar and Organic Oil Mill Sancha Pérez

Our company

Sancha Pérez is a family farm that is committed to the agri-food transformation of two ancient crops: the olive tree and the vine, which played an important role in the economy of our peoples in the centuries from the 17th to the 19th. This tourist complex combines agro-food activity with leisure and enjoyment of visitors, being a center of interest where you can learn the secrets of artisanal and organic production of wine and oil.

La Finca Bodega y Almazara Ecológica Sancha Pérez

More than a winery and oil mill

The Sancha Pérez project was conceived and developed to be more than just a winery and oil mill. We want to create in our visitors and friends a feeling of belonging, that the people of the environment and the visitors of our region participate, know and enjoy the farm, its facilities and the multiple activities that take place throughout the year. Sancha Pérez has an open-air Olive Museum where you can see the differences between some of the best-known olive varieties in their types of leaves, branches and olives.

Bodega y Almazara

Ecological agriculture

At Sancha Pérez we practice organic farming, a turn back in time towards the crops that our grandparents practiced. We enrich the landscape heritage of the environment and increase the diversity and complexity of our ecosystem by incorporating native plants (lavender, myrtle, rosemary, mastic, palm, laurel, thyme ...), companions of the farm's crops that will attract, in a way Natural, numerous fauna very beneficial for organic agriculture due to its pollinating, predatory or parasitoid function. The entire production process from the field (olive grove and vineyard) to the bottle is controlled by CAAE, the most recognized certifying body in Andalusia and internationally.

Agricultura Ecológica