Vineyards and winery

In search of quality

Elaboration of excellent wines

We are committed to making high quality wines, mainly of the Petit Verdot and Tintilla varieties; We also have other varieties: Tempranillo, Merlot, Syrah and Pinot Noir and the white varieties Sauvignon Blanc and Albariño.

Viñedos y Bodega

Recovery of the La Tintilla variety

At Cellar and Organic Oil Mill Sancha Pérez we have recovered Tintilla, an indigenous variety well adapted to the environment, which was a pillar of the economy in past centuries and was called Tinta Mencida. In 1804, the enlightened Rojas Clemente said in his Essay on the varieties that vegetate in Andalusia, that "Tintin was grown in Conil, Tarifa and Vejer receiving other names such as Tinto, Tinta, Alicante, Tinta Mencida".

The harvest

The harvest is done by hand in boxes of 20 Kg so that they are not damaged during transport, for their subsequent introduction into the cold room. The objective is to keep the grapes at low temperatures, at 5ºC, to stabilize it, subsequently favoring pre-fermentation maceration and achieving greater extraction of fruit aromas and color. After its cold rest, the manual selection is carried out where the unwanted grapes are separated from the bunches, to then continue the vinification process in stainless steel tanks at a controlled temperature and ending the aging cycle in French oak barrels.

Viñedos y Bodega